Character Art Prints Illustrated by Chii

I commissioned these gorgeous illustrations of my characters from Chii. You can find her on Instagram @mihaellustrates. I wanted a fairytale aesthetic and these are absolutely perfect and so beautiful. You can view them below. The majority of the profits for these prints will go back to Chii for her work (minus some costs for materials and some overhead costs for selling these). To go to my official store, click the link above, or scroll down to see larger versions of Chii’s art.

Liela & Dunet (Sisters from To Hold a Flower)

Liela & Myllia (Lesbian Romance in To Hold a Flower)

Liela (Individual Character Portrait)

Dunet (Individual Character Portrait, with her stuffed bunny, Ceilia)

Myllia (Individual Character Portrait)

13×19″ Art Prints Coming Soon!