To Hold a Flower

Liela and Dunet are sisters and best friends.

Liela is compassionate and dedicated, striving to protect her sister. Her dream is to become the commander of Claralis, a defensive city on the northern border of Mathar, but her world is slowly unraveling. Desperate to keep her sister from growing up, Liela finds herself torn between her piling responsibilities to her nation, and her need to protect Dunet’s carefree childhood. Forced to drift further apart, Liela is unable to be there as Dunet’s sense of self-worth slowly crumbles.
In the midst of Liela’s turmoil, she stumbles upon Myllia, a girl drifting through life in a daydream. Myllia falls for Liela, and she becomes an anchor for the aspiring commander. Soon Leila finds peace in Myllia, while dealing with her ascending rank and the looming threat beyond the city walls.
To Hold a Flower is a fantasy novel about healing, developing genuine relationships, and finding self-worth.

To Hold a Flower Front & Back Covers by Sophia Lindstrom (Instagram:

To Hold a Flower Sample Chapters

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The Essence of Longing (Book 2 of To Hold a Flower)

A girl losing herself, and two young women finding their way.


Dunet is in a state of guilt and regret. With her self-hatred and low self-worth building up in her head, she falls into an intense depression and seeks solitude whenever she can, slowly isolating herself from the world and the people who care about her. But even though she tells herself she wants everyone to forget about her, that everyone would be better off without her, there’s a small part of her that wants to be saved. A small part of her seeks hope in Myllia, one of the few people Dunet trusts.


Liela is trying to move forward. She’s realized that she no longer knows how to be there for her sister, Dunet, and now she is desperately leaning into others for help amid her confusion and pain. With little else that she knows, she pushes forward, tackling greater responsibilities as the new Commander of Claralis in an effort to hold her world together. While sorting through her feelings and her changing relationship with her sister, Liela must also adjust to her relationship with Myllia as their romance deepens.


Myllia is starting to realize who she is. As her relationship with Liela evolves into something much more complex and vulnerable, she realizes that romance is no longer enough for her. With her new relationships and her growing confidence in herself, she decides to be her own person and pursue a path that brings her happiness. But before she faces her newfound future, she must come to terms with her past. In doing so, she’ll encounter a future full of possibility built on a promise to herself and those she loves: to be the best version of herself and settle for nothing less than what she deserves.


The Essence of Longing is an interpersonal exploration of self-discovery and depression, expanding on the characters from To Hold a Flower.


Front Cover Illustrated by Sophia Lindstrom

Back Cover Illustrated by mihaellustrates

An interpersonal exploration of self-discovery & depression with lesbian & neurodivergent characters ~ The Essence of Longing is out now

A Shattered Throne

A tense political conflict takes form in Arathulen. Empress Vaunara Evsevu Deiteira tries to hold her rule in a shaky struggle for power – to stop a war, appease the lords on her council, and uphold the needs of her citizens. She is stuck with too few allies, between assassinationation attempts, blackmail, and the disadvantage set forth by contested allegiances. And while holding her rule, she struggles to gain the trust of her citizens and to figure out what is right and what is too cruel.

A Star Alone

After losing everything he loves, Mirel takes solace in a girl named Stell – his star and the girl who saved him. Still haunted by the horrors of that night and the longing for his past, Mirel lives for Stell and makes a promise to stay with her.

Coming from a home that never loved her, Stell tentatively holds to the fragile hope she finds in Mirel. But she bottles up her feelings, afraid of being left and alone, all her fears crowding silently in on her as she masks them from someone she is afraid to trust. But the complicated feelings she has for him continue to press at her, until she cannot hold them back any longer.

A Star Alone

Sample Chapters

Stell & Mirel

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*There’s a time skip between sample chapters. Most of the book they’re teenagers, but they’re children in the opening chapters.

A Maroon Star & A Silver Thread

Who am I?

Veiria wakes in a strange, dream-like world with no memories. She feels a lingering pain and a beckoning call of something lost. Part of her wants to find it, but part of her knows that she does not want to remember.

She’s a reincarnated goddess, half of her is, or at least, that’s what everyone is telling her. All she has is a strange glass sword, Neihdria, that breaks into glass with her confusing visions. She’s scared of those visions and the strange callings that break the only hold she has on this world and the small stability and twinges of happiness it offers her, even if she doesn’t know why.

She meets Eu, a boy she quickly develops a camaraderie with and feelings for, but wonders if she’s bringing him into something she shouldn’t.

Meanwhile, Meren and Telvin pursue Veiria, seemingly trying to prevent some inevitable fate. And they seem desperate to stop her, knowing her as a friend from before she lost her memories…

A Tower of Stars

The scrapped ending of To Hold a Flower from the earlier drafts, when the book was more framed as a tragedy, moving towards healing from it. When the world falls apart and you are left alone, how do you heal?

At the numbness of loss, the lonely beauty of a snow-wreathed tower beckons to those in grief…

Lord Reneya offers up her kindness in this frigid place, so that others can learn to move on from their grief and learn to be whole again.

A Tower of Stars Cover by Katherine Atkins (unreleased work)

Katherine’s tumblr: transparentkittenheart

A Tower of Stars

Sample Chapters


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*Vague spoilers for an event that never takes place in To Hold a Flower, but that was the basis for the plot in the original drafts, titled A Tower of Stars.

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An Auburn Daydream

Tessa and Allyssa are misfits and introverts, doing their best to stumble through school and their personal lives.

A Heart of Warmth

A fun, magical adventure of a little girl who learns how to fly.

A Falling Rose


A pansexual love triangle and coming of age between Simon, a boy who wants to avoid his studies and have nothing to do with his father or royal upbringing, Auna, a stuck-up girl that’s the aggressive one of the friends, and Jess, a wide-eyed boy who follows the two and is intensely loyal to Simon.

A Crystal Sea to A Starry Sky

Carni and Yemma are girlfriends on a planet currently safe from an oppressive far-reaching government, content in each other and their tentative existence to live free.

Waves of Ash

A story of people from entirely different backgrounds converging, as they try to be better people and struggle to accept one another.

Needs a heavy rewrite/reworking, if I were to pursue it again.

Details to possibly come later.

The Chronicles of Mathar

My original work.

Parthus is met with a prophecy for a destiny to save Mathar. He sets out for Siltheus, along with Izaflelios, after his homeland is attacked in an invasion by Arathulen.

I have a work titled “Revision 1” that follows a broken Parthus later on, in a darker, more morally gray story.

A Haunting Heaven

Dystopian work in progress

A Prison of Illusion

Dystopian work in progress

Falling For You

A gay love story in college

An Innocence of Seduction

Healing from trauma and finding healthy, consenting relationships

A Blurred Dream & A Hazy Reality

A Blurred Dream & A Hazy Reality follows the two female leads from The Chronicles of Mathar, Izaflelios and Gezrial, and will be a departure from the original storyline.

Izaflelios starts to uncover the reality of the war and forge her own destiny. She rises into her own power to create a future for the continent.

Gezrial is a young woman gone rouge from both kingdoms – a rebel fighting for those caught between the greed of two kingdoms. She fights for the people and what is right, having no allegiance to any power but her own and those of her companions.

Voyage to the Lost Land of Trileus

The short story I wrote in 8th grade that started it all (yes, it’s bad, but we all start somewhere…)

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