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Self-Love, Mental Health, & Queer Romance Author

The To Hold a Flower Series

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"If you need to cry, cry" - Myllia, To Hold a Flower ~ Caroline Sophia Hamel

I hope that through my writing, you are able to find love and worth within yourself, to find a reason to live, to grow, and to heal.

Your darkness is not a cage

No matter how much you seek to sink into it

You must always break free

Looking for a future that is bright and always there

Waiting for you

For you are beautiful

And someday you will love yourself for all that you are

Pushing forward into a future full of hope

Full of dreams

And full of love

You are never alone

And you never will be

You deserve the world

And to grow into the beautiful person I know you are

To Hold a Flower Opening Poem 2

Caroline Sophia Hamel

Meet the Author: Caroline Sophia Hamel (she/her)

Meet the Author: Caroline Sophia Hamel (she/her)

Hello! My name is Caroline Sophia Hamel and my pronouns are she/her! I’m a 23-year-old pansexual* transgender** girl who self-identifies as neurodivergent***. It’s my dream to be able to connect with, help people, and express emotion through my writing.

I love emotional media, especially beautiful, bittersweet stories that I can deeply connect with. Hopeful stories have grown to mean a lot to me. As someone who’s struggled with my identity and mental health, I understand that hope is what many of us need. Even if my own stories may be depressing at times, in the end, I want to show the beauty in the hope in the depths of one’s heart.

I’ve found a place where I’ve found love and acceptance in myself, even if life can still be hard, I’ve found myself and a purpose through my writing. I hope that I can help some of you heal. I hope that many of you are able to find connection, empathy, and healing through my characters, especially those of you who are queer, neurodivergent or struggle with your mental health.

If I can help anyone with my writing, then it’s worth it.

I write for a hopeful future. And I want to show you that there is hope and things worth living for within ourselves, even amid our struggles.

Love to you all,

            Caroline Sophia Hamel (she/her)

*Pansexual – Attracted to all genders

**Transgender (trans) – My gender doesn’t match the one assigned to me at birth

***An umbrella term for mental disabilities

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For we are shadow and light
To embrace our shadows
Is to embrace ourselves

We lose ourselves

And find ourselves

In a tumbling tide


It ebbs and flows

Longing for sunbeams

Or falling into dark depths



Or embraced


Slowly falling apart

Piecing ourselves together

Or just holding on


Who we are

And who we want to be

Those choices spiral


As we drown

Fight our way

Or stand surely



Or found

In reaching hands


To draw close

Or drift apart


It hurts

Its exhilarating




But through this tunnel

The you that you will be is somewhere out there

The you beyond this day

And beyond your tumbling heart


To move through it all

Is something you must do

The Essence of Longing

To Hold a Flower Part 2


Caroline Sophia Hamel

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To Hold a Flower


The Essence of Longing

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